Happy Spring!

  •  As the Covod-19 outbreak is a major concern of all, we have reached out to our contractors to confirm that they are adhering to the IL rules for essential businesses. A copy of the IL guidelines are included below.

  • Thursday is our scheduled weekly lawn service date (dependent on weather).

  •  Acres is currently scheduled (dependent on weather) to begin planting the replacements for the Junipers which were  removed last fall on May 21.  Please review the plant care instructions below.

  •  The buildings that will have wood repair and painting in 2020 will be Building #’s 5 & 6. Starting the week of May 4, depending on weather.  Inside Out will notify each building as they prepare to start.  Notices will be on your garage door.

  •  Residents are reminded that dogs are not permitted to be off leash when outside. This is not only an HOA rule, but part of the Winfield Code and is subject to fines. Additionally, dog owners are responsible to clean up after their dogs (both front and rear of their property). This is also part of the HOA rules and the Winfield Code, also subject to fines. Please be responsible.

  • Associated Partners is the primary contact for any issues, maintenance, or complaints.

  • The Board is still short one member. Please contact  Associated Partners if interested. Two years is usual term as a board member,  you can step up and fill in for the remainder of this year. Your participation will require your attendance at the monthly board meetings, and a some additional time between meetings depending on the requirements of issues or proposals being addressed. Consider this as not only keeping the value of your home but also your neighbors.

Illinois Essential Business & Operations

2020 IL Essential Business & Operations (pdf)


Plant Care Instructions

Plant Care Instructions (pdf)


What is your building number?

The map below contains both address and building numbers.

Chelsea Place Map (pdf)